Commonly referred to as “The Standard”, the tool is a high stakes computer-based, bilingual, simulation-style, competency-based assessment for the use of statutory regulatory colleges as part of their registration regulation and the assessment of foreign-trained or alternatively-trained candidates.

It requires that test-takers apply their counselling therapy-/psychotherapy-based knowledge, skills, and attributes to therapeutic situations. Competency profiles for the profession are most helpful to the preparation process.

COMPASS offers a competency-based case-study workbook and a brief self-assessment that replicates the look and feel of the simulation-style examination.

Any other materials that candidates may wish to use to prepare for the Examination are at their discretion; typically, candidates use textbooks and other materials that were assigned to them during their post-secondary education in the field of psychotherapy as reminders, since these products were initially used to teach the competency areas for the profession. COMPASS does not endorsespecific authors or study materials in relation to the examination.