Taking the Assessment: Security and Logistics

COMPASS maintains security on test development processes and test item storage, as well as ongoing checks on the reliability, validity and credibility of the assessment instrument. The experience of the test-taker has also been carefully checked.

Test centres located across Canada have been secured through the use of an experienced third-party test administrator. The administrator’s function is to ensure the seamless process of taking the test in a secure setting with a well-trained proctor who is experienced in high-stakes testing protocols.

The following preparations undergo continuous quality assurance processes across the country:

  • Secure online, bilingual application to write the assessment
  • Optional self-assessment that replicates the Registration Examination style and format
  • Optional case study workbook to familiarize the candidate with professional competency-based processes
  • Test-taker guidebook to familiarize the candidate with the process and the testing platform
  • Proctor guidebook and reporting system
  • Test centre availability across Canada, including settings outside of major centres
  • Accessibility and reasonable accommodations for persons requiring additional time to write due to disability or medical condition

Test security is essential to defensibility. Security features (among others) for the Registration Examination include:

  • Computer lock-down to prevent theft of test information
  • Secure test locations with experienced proctors of high-stakes assessments only
  • Individual passcodes for use of testing platform
  • Two pieces of photo-ID government-issued identification plus official letter of confirmation to write the assessment (from Yardstick) to obtain access to the exam room

Every attempt has been made to secure sufficient test centre locations to ensure candidates do not have to travel longer than two hours to arrive at the test centre nearest to their home or place of work. Where this is not possible, a protocol has been put in place with the test administrator to find individualized solutions that maintain the same safety and security rigour.

The Registration Examination is designed to be available two times per year. This is consistent with most other high stakes assessments. By restricting the testing times to specific time slots, the opportunity for various forms of testing fraud, cheating or collusion are reduced and any unforeseen testing platform errors can be corrected without negatively affecting the scores of the test-takers.