NL Regulation

Current as of May 5, 2019

Status: Unregulated

Type of Regulation Sought: Title Protection

Title Requested: Counselling Therapist


  • Beginning in 2009, the provincial Department of Health began researching the development of umbrella legislation to govern professions such as Laboratory Technicians, and related health occupations.
  • The resulting legislation which encompasses a variety of health related professions and self- regulation was passed in 2010- entitled the “Health Professionals Act”.
  • Under this umbrella legislation, professions such as lab technicians, dental hygienists, respiratory therapists, and midwives, among others, are now self-regulated, through a Council of Health Professionals.  This process was developed through the Department of Health and Community services of the NL provincial government.
  • In 2013 there were several meetings held with various agencies to gain better understanding of process and potential partnerships in the regulation effort (including: NL Association of Social Workers, NL Psychology board, MUN Professors, Director of Pastoral Care and Ethics in Eastern Health).
  • In November 2013, Tracy Duffy (NL CCPA Director) and a CCPA member attended a meeting with the Provincial Regulatory Consultant, of Department of Health (Provincial legislative Division).
  • Background documentation was received about the Health Professions Act.
  • Information on how to begin a submission to apply for consideration for regulation under this Act was provided.
  • On March 1, 2014 the committee/working group held its first meeting for members interested in regulation, with subsequent meetings held during 2015.
  • Members of committee were given background information, and documentation links as provided by a Regulatory consultant, and began researching some of the necessary steps.
  • In November 2015 another meeting was held with a senior policy advisor about the process.
  • The Provincial Regulation committee has worked recently to finalize group membership, with the aim to form a defined coalition of Associations in mid-2016.
  • In February 2016, the CCPA NL Director met with officials in the Department of Health and Community Services, to further discuss and garner support for Regulation endeavors in NL.
  • An organizing /strategy meeting occurred on April 30, 2016.
  • The groups present agreed to work together.
  • FACT-NL was formed and a website launched.
  • A meeting with the Minister of Health was held on May 17, 2017. The purpose of the meeting wad to push the regulation agenda forward.
  • A face-to-face meeting of FACT-NL occurred on September 9, 2017 to finalize the application.
  • The application was submitted to the NL Ministry of Health on April 20, 2018.